MOA Amendment

As We Know Memorandum of Association Is the Main Document of The Company. In Legal Language It Is Known as Lakshman Rekha For the Company Which Describe the Boundary of The Company’s Main Business or Related There To. Beyond Which Every Work in Company Is Void Abinitio. Moa Is Drafted at The Time of Incorporation of The Company and Submitted to The Department Along with The Incorporation Form. Moa Is Drafted In That Manner That Cover All The Main Clauses Of The Company Which Defines The Scope Of The Company Business.

  • Name Clause
  • Situation Clause
  • Object Clause
  • Capital Clause
  • Subscriber Clause
  • Liability Clause
  • Nominee Clause (Only in Case of One Person Company)
Moa Is the Main Constitution of The Company Which Defines the Rights of Its Members and Describe the Relation Between the Company and Its Members. Sometimes While Doing A Business, The Board of The Directors of The Company Who Manage the Day to Day Affairs of The Company or The Shareholders of The Company Has Various Reason to Alter the Memorandum of Association of The Company for Smoothing the Work in The Company:  Reason Behind the Alteration in Moa Are: -
  • Change in Name of The Company
  • Conversion of One Type of Company into Another Type of Company
  • Change in Main Object of The Company
  • Change in Directors or Promoter of The Company.
  • Change in Capital Structure of Company
  • Change in Registered Office of The Company from One State to Another State.
For Every Alteration in Moa of The Company There Is A Need for Taking Consent from The Shareholders and Passing Special Resolution. So, For Making Such Alteration in The Memorandum of Association   of The Company, There Are Some Forms Which Needs to Be Filed to The Registrar of The Companies Depending Upon Which Type of Alteration Required in the Company. Such Filing Is A Must for The Company.