MSME Registration

MSME IS AN SPECIAL SECTOR IN WHICH TWO TYPES OF ENTERPRISES ARE INVOLVED FOR THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. Enterprises which is only engaged in the manufacture or production of goods or providing or rendering of services  In this act it has been defined in terms of investment in Plant & Machinery or equipment. This sector plays a very crucial role in economic development. Some points explaining its role is described below:-

  • Highly vibrant and dynamic sector
  • Provide employment opportunities in large at comparatively lower capital cost
  • Has flexibility to adjust in changing environment
  • Significant Growth Driver for export promotion
  • Helps in regional development by assuring equitable distribution of national income and wealth.
ADVANTAGE OF MSME:- To promote and develop this sector various benefits are provided by government through various schemes.
  • Right of Interest on delayed payments from buyers
  • Reduced rate of interest from banks
  • Easy to get loan from banks
  • Tax benefits under Direct and Indirect Tax Laws
  • Various benefits under schemes provided by State and Central Governments
  • Octroi ,Stamp Duty and Registration Benefits
  • Easy to get approvals,licenses and registrations from various departments