Provisional Patent

When Any Person as An Individual Try Some Invention Independently for Inventing Some Major Processes Which Is Very Useful for Some Important Work. He Want to Protect That Process by Taking Patent Registration in That Process Regard. There Is Always Risk That Some Other Person Use That Process Without the Owner Knowledge base Sometimes It Is in The Mind of Inventor That for Completing His Invention the Time Procedure Is So Long So He Has A Choice That to Make Less Severe. This Hostile Action He Can Make an Application as A Provisional Patent Application Which Was Given as A Right Under Federal Law to Protect His Genuine Invention When Meeting with Potential Manufacturers to Discuss That Invention.

This Provisional Patent Application Is A Boon for Genuine Inventors to Secure His Patent by Taking A Right to Proceed Before Any Other Traffic.

This Ppa Can Be Filed Before Filing Complete and Proper Specification Even Before That Invention Took Its Last Stage…. For Increasing the Chances of Taking Registration by The Department of Patent.

The Application Must Contain: –

  • Main Title of Invention
  • Description of Invention
  • Field of Invention
  • Background of Invention
  • Purpose of Invention
  • Importance of Invention
  • But Does Not Include Claim…. We Can Only Include Claim in Final Complete Specification.