Remove Directors

The Person Who Are Appointed or Elected by The Shareholders of The Company for The Purpose of Managing the Affairs of The Company Is Known as Director of The Company. As Company Is an Artificial Judicial Person Created by Law, So the Company Can Only Act by Or Through Some Natural Persons.

In Case It Is Necessary to Remove Any Director from The Company There Is A Need Of 50% Vote at A Shareholders Meeting by The Shareholders. In Case Only One Shareholder Has Majority Of Shares So He Can Alone Take 50% Shareholding And Can Decide Alone  If He Want  To Remove Any Director From The Company .In Case If A Company Has Only Two Directors And If Any One Of The Director Want To Resign From The Position Of Directorship So There Is A Basic Need To Appoint Any Other Person As A Director Immediately Before His Resignation From Company.

Per Day to Day Requirement of The Company Sometime There Is Need to Remove Directors from The Company from A Different Position Like Additional Director/Small Shareholder Director/Independent Director/Executive Director/Non-Executive Director/Managing Director/Etc. Based on The Requirements of The Business.

Sometime It Is Necessary to Remove A Director If the Board of The Director or Shareholder Wish to Remove Him in Favour of Company Business, And Sometime If Any Person as A Director Is Not Comfortable with His Position So He May Resign from His Position by Intimating to The Company with His Resignation Letter.

So, For Making Such Resignation or Removing of The Director from The Company, There Are Some Forms Which Needs to Be Filed to The Registrar of The Companies Depending Upon Which Type of Director the Company Is Removing. Such Filing Is A Must for The Company.