Trademark Objection

Trademark objection refers to the objection is raised by the trademark registry in the application of trademark applicant.. it is not always necessary that when you apply for a trademark it accepted because there is number of chances that some where and somehow some one has applied or registered similar trademark in their own name . objection can be issued if there is some similarity between  your trademark whether wordmark or logo with any already existing trademark. Sometime when you applied for a trademark and trademark registry is not satisfied with your application and they think that your application does not meet their legal rules or norms so they issued an examination report with objection list  like any attached sentiment with any religion, used any word which is prohibited to use, used any common word, not easily differentiable in the mind of public, etc. For any objection reply an applicant have a time period of thirty days to reply back to trademark registry or another party by whom the objection is raised. The reply of objection should be based on original reasons, facts, invoices, proofs,  supporting evidences  etc. in a written form. If your reply is strong enough to give an impression to the trademark registry that they are satisfied with your submission so they allowed the trademark to be published in the journal of trademark for further processing.