Trademark Rectification

Trademark is one of the most important and everyone choice intellectual property right to creating goodwill in the market . When we apply for the trademark sometime it happens that by mistake or with less knowledge of something we made some silly mistakes in application of trademark.. even some time it can happen that the applicant think for alteration ,change, modification in his/her registered trademark so that is called trademark rectification in the registered trademark. Sometime when examiner is not satisfied with the applicant  initial stage of application of trademark  so they mark the application as Formalities check fail and issued and examination report for applicant to rectify his trademark application within issued  time period . The rectification of trademark should be prepared only on the based on strong reasons and facts so the trademark examiner can easily rely on your application  and if the Trademark Examiner is satisfied on your filed rectification and addresses all the concerns raised by applicant , application is allowed to be further processed  for marking examination  by a Trademark Examiner for preparing Examination Report of Trademark.